HOPE is on the launch pad and ready to take to flight.

Ripping into the musical scene is a talented woman from Miami,

Not many women can be considered a “Prodigy of their City”, but
HOPE is special and is the answer to all your many

HOPE "Blak Shuga" GREENE (alto), an attractive Prima Donna whose vocal uniqueness warrants much attention.  
She’s more than meets the eye!  The BLAKer the music, the SWEETer the sound!

Take a deeper look at
HOPE, This dynamic sister brings smooth flavor with her full and well-rounded presentation. Her
rich tones are a compilation of many genres all of which she incorporates while delivering music in a new soul way.
s sensual sound has the melodic R&B styling of Alicia Keys, techniques similar to Jill Scott, the heart of Patti LaBelle and
the soul of Gladys Knight and Aretha Franklin.
HOPE combines the strong, hard-edged, soulful approach of Angie Stone,
Tina Turner, and Mary J Blige. She is a lady with true identity and more than typical.
HOPE has an all-consuming desire to
deliver that, which only she can deliver in the way that she will deliver. You can hear it in the way she talks.

Everyday…a Diva is born in “The U.S.”…Nothing new about an everyday occurrence, but none can be compared to
HOPE’s R&B Soul, Blues, Rock, and Jazz sound delivered in a new soul way.

HOPE is a multi-talented artist, singer, songwriter, and entertainer that was born in South Carolina and raised in South
Florida. She commenced singing at the age of three with her family group, The Gospel Jubilee in SC. She has a long list
of impressive accolades dating back to her pre-teens when she began her professional singing career in Miami with
national recording gospel choir, The Ingram Singers at age 11. During her teen years, she performed and traveled with a
female singing group called Vashtique and then moved on to an R&B female group that went by the name of Nu Soul.
HOPE began writing lyrics at the age of twelve and never imagined that she would later be hired to write and record
(voiceovers) internet & radio commercials for a clothing line such as FERGO Athletics.
HOPE can also be credited for
production of music. A woman with true identity and more than typical…this sexy Diva delivers musical poems with a
newfound sense. This lady sings more than the Blues.

HOPE has been featured at several events around South Florida and abroad such as Miami Music Festival, Tobacoo
Road, The Legends Café, Aukela Christian Academy - Black History FAMU - National Alumni Assoc. - Winter Gala, In the
Spotlight Talent Show (First Place) at Calabash Lounge, Tampax Total You Tour [James L. Knight Center, Black Family
Gospel Expo (Open for Regina Belle)], Boy Scouts of America, Black Music Festival Miami, Charter Schools of Broward
County DCOTA (Malik Yoba)Hot 105, Quick Hits Records (Family & Friends Christmas)Clubs; Metropolis (Orlando),
Calabash, Reflections of Soul Concert, Ginger Bay Café which earned front page recognition in the Miami Herald;
Underground Bluz (Orlando), Area 51, Power Studio; Pipers Pics TV, Featured Guest – C Soup TV (Orlando), Nite Life
Magazine Article (Orlando), Nite Life Magazine Release Party,91.3 FM WLRN, Molestable & Ain’t No Way; Makin It
Happen (Channel 23), 94.3 FM Underground, Husband; Flava Magazine Miami Herald (Liberal Arts; Front Page)Univision
Channel 23.

HOPE’s performance will embrace souls and stimulate the minds of her audience.

This young lady is definitely showing South Florida and the world that she is a tour-de-force for all seasons.
Hope Greene,
SOUL Singer-Songwriter
Miami / Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beach / Atlanta