Who is Hope Greene?
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HOPE "Blak Shuga" GREENE is a multi-talented woman and entertainer that was born in South
Carolina and raised in South Florida. She is one of ten children.
HOPE discovered music early at the
age of three singing in her family's gospel group, “Gospel Jubilee”.  From then on, she craved,
dreamed, spoke, and breathed music.
HOPE's life was drastically altered at the age of five when her
father, Richard "Shug" Greene passed away. Her father was her everything. He was her inspiration
and himself a singer and musician (harmonica, banjo, and guitar).
HOPE felt as though life was stolen
and music had abandoned her.  At the age of seven,
HOPE realized that her dad's passing also
stripped her of protection from family predators. It was open season for all the sexual predators in her
family and one by one, they began molesting her.

After her father's death and at the age of 11,
HOPE relocated to Miami, Florida due to her mom's
(Eliza Scott Greene) remarrying. There, music found her but she cautiously allowed music to woo her
again. Her mom tried to help her find happiness by placing her in the Metropolitan Baptist Church
choir. Minister of Music, Willie Copeland was the vessel that God used to give
HOPE confidence and
the support she needed to sing. He gave her a voice and music.
HOPE embarked upon music and
began her long list of impressive accolades dating back to her pre-teens. She began her professional
singing career with national recording gospel choir, “The Ingram Singers” at the age of 11.
began writing songs at the age of twelve and.
HOPE never imagined that she would later be hired to
write and record (voice over) commercials for clothing line, FERGO Athletics. During her teen years,
she performed and traveled with a female, acappella gospel group called “Vashtique”. Vashtique had
the honor of performing their first live TV appearance on Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Show. The group
dissolved and
HOPE began to desire something different musically and began dabbling in other
HOPE moved on and was introduced to an R&B female group that went by the name of “Nu
Soul”. Nu Soul dissolved and so she began fronting cover R&B bands, Blak N Da Box and another,
Soul Stank.

HOPE is enthusiastically performing, writing, and recording music.
Hope performs on TV in Orlando
Hope Greene,
SOUL Singer-Songwriter
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